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Malkuth or Shekhinah the female spirit of God named also Gaia

48" x 48" Medium mixtes (Mixed-medium)

Malkuth or Shekhinah the female spirit of God named also Gaia, PLANČTE BLEUE ( BLUE PLANET )

Cette peinture originale est ŕ vendre, pour plus d`informations envoyez-moi un e-mail.
This original painting art work is for sale, for more details send me an e-mail please.

I called this painting PLANE`TE BLEUE ( BLUE PLANET ) but now I know that it's could have many names as the Kabalistic element from the tree of life "Malkuth",( when I made it I didn't had any cleu about the "Kabbalah" . )

The faces are gypsy masks I made from real kids faces, Chinese Black and 2 White kids, they can present that we are all the kids, we are all as kids in learning process here on earth. color of skin have no importance and I present here the 4 major races black, white, Asiatic and Indian. for present the equality of all the people of the earth.

I also put the 4 physics elements fire, air, earth and water, and also the fifth element the soul/spirit inside the earth.

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